ALVINA 2016-2017

As many other initiatives, ALVINA Project arises from a personal dream and challenge and then has grown to become a broader project. The acronym ALVINA stands for ‘ALpine VIrtual Nation’, and it aims to evoke a feeling of unity of the Alpine Region. ‘Unity in the difference’, as has been said. But the important word is unity, anyway!

How to make this idea a real event? There are many possible ways. Among them, the project creator has chosen one: walking the entire Alpine region in two steps and in a peculiar way. Both steps will end up in Edolo, a small town in an Italian Central Alpine valley, where a branch of the Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy is entirely devoted to the Alps and mountain valorisation ( Thus, the journey will begin from Trieste (far Eastern Alps side) and will end in Edolo, while the second step will begin from Edolo  and stop to Monteecarlo (far Western Alps side). The entire Alpine region will then be enclosed in a curly bracket having as a centre a University, to emphasise the role of science and culture in the valorisation of this unique region. A symbolic hug embracing many of the 48 Alpine regions and shared among 7 European Countries with the idea in mind to experience and (re)discover bio-diversity, as well as ‘topo-‘, ‘ethno-‘ and ‘meteo’-diversity.

The hiker is neither an alpinist nor a mountain professional, but just a senior biochemistry professor of the mentioned University. To make this dream reality, he will primarily, but not exclusively, follow two trails of the Via Alpina, the track network extended all over the entire Alpine region in a journey which is roughly 1,500 km long and has a 100,000 m positive height gain. The International Secretariat of CIPRA, which is in charge of Via Alpina management, as well as the Università della Montagna in Edolo, offered their partnership to ALVINA project.

The first step began from Trieste, Opicina on the 11th of June last year and the second step in the summer 2017.

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